TragicGlamourCandles' Shop Announcement

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All items purchased between July 23-Aug 30th will receive a special gift with purchase!


Prayer Candles, Handmade Runes, Crystals, and more!

All runes are specially engraved and painted and ready to ship! They have been cleansed before shipping and are ready for a new owner!

All candles are made of quality products from a great candle making supplier to create handmade candles with love! Each candle is made and ready to ship out!

All items are made in loving space with positive vibes.

Custom orders: We do take custom orders so feel free to message us!

Contact: feel free to contact us right here on etsy! We are always checking our messages to ensure you get a response quickly.

Refunds: We only give refunds to candles that have not been used. Refunds to other items will be given once the item is returned.

None of our candles are made for body use, they are only made for decorative/meditative use.

ALL votive candles (not in a container) should be burned in a proper votive candle holder. Small votive candles melt quickly (but burn for up to 7 hours) so they need a container to ensure there is no mess.

if you have any questions or comments please feel free to message us!