TransferredTreasures' Shop Announcement

Who knows why a person is captivated by a particular type of antique? Perhaps for me it was my British immigrant heritage. I have always been drawn by the struggles of working class families, so I think this may actually be why I love transferware. Back in the early nineteenth century, the process of creating beautiful dinnerware sets was done one item at a time. Most workers were illiterate women and children who scrabbled together a living by transferring elaborate designs from an etched metal plate to blank pieces of earthenware using special tissue. Modern Staffordshire sets mimic the look; however, machines do the work. The drudgery may be gone, but so is the charm and beauty. I love the intricate designs, the little imperfections from the hand-done process, and the connection to my relatives of the past. In the present, I collect these treasures and offer to transfer them from my hands to yours; hence the shop name, Transferred Treasures..

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