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TrashBatRaven's Shop Announcement

Dreadful Things By seen on Regretsy, ABC Nightline, Gothic Beauty magazine, Haute Macabre and more!!!

Taxidermy Jewelry, Gothic decor that will haunt, Goth Xmas cards, Victorian Gothic jewelry out of roadkill and real bones plus so much more. This is the new shop! Prior shop had over 1,000 sales and google me to see lots of past work and fine art !

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Love it or hate it.. this is my art love.. and my life! Enjoy!!!

Daggervision Radio interview 6/11/2012 listen here episode #4

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More about Raven:
Artist Raven is currently located in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. Her morbid curiosity began at a young age and she has been bringing her macabre visions to canvas since her teens but only began selling and showing to the public in 2005. She draws inspiration from nature, human cruelty, personal nightmares, the cycles of life and death, horror, pop culture, sex, BSDM, and urban filth. Her artwork directly reflects the outsider perspective that comes with her Goth Lifestyle. Raven is known for her roadkill paintings and gained notoriety for them in 2009 when she was featured on ABC Nightline. She uses dead animals in her mixed media work and jewelry line. The animal remains are often gathered from actual roadkill or taken from other macabre sources such as ritual remains from Santeria altars found in cemeteries. Her work ranges from very dark to whimsical depending on her mood. Most of her paintings are completed using acrylic and oil but she sometimes works with other mediums including her own blood. She jokingly refers to herself as a scum artist since she lives almost exclusively off of her art sales and alternative lifestyle. Raven's interest in death and dying lead to her earning a degree in Anthropology.