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TRASH RIOT!!!!!! by Rachel Bulisky
Heart-made objects designed by human matter to adorn the body and please the soul. Dearly departed then re-discovered, odd findings, gracefully stumbled, stepped and slept upon. Entities of thought that visit our detention with their fate to become uniquely gorgeous human accessory. From those whom crawled with tails out from under the settling dust of random yet significant dreams and or nightmares, falling, crashing from all's over mind. Finding our universe in a current state of trash, we riot. Taking new direction with the matter that surrounds us, we refuse, reuse, abuse and uplift our surrounding landfill. Trash not to be thrown away. Riots made of fragile glass. Up-cycled, pre-cycled, recycled bits and pieces, vintage trash, found objects, buried treasures, scraps, riots and other random by-products of living passed as accessories and clothing, experiencing new and deeply longed for altered-states of existence. Fabulous and strange mutations, fashion creations that dove to evolve. For freaks, fighters, friends and foes. Specifically designed exclusively for absolutely everyone. Designs all hand crafted in the workshop of the soul which tooled with human hands.
CURRENTLY IN THE WORLD'S CAPITAL, NYC!!! Coming straight from the west coast of the United States of America, in the Holy Wood, California from which springs forth a heavenly salvation of sacred garbage! It's a TRASH RIOT!!! New items and ideas listed frequently. And for Bob's sake, don't overlook my "sold items" sections to see if there is something you like or want to be inspired with in any of my past pieces. You can see a better scope of the materials and past favorites that you may well be interested in. Convo (email me here) with any requests or questions about reproducing past pieces. Due to the nature of handmade objects and material patterns and availability, slight differences will occur in pieces that reproduced. You can be assured the differences will be minor and always of equal or higher quality than that pictured. You are guaranteed to be pleased! Should you have any concerns I will gladly address them to my best ability. Did I make you think of something else? Tell me your wish and I will try my best to grant it. I love doing custom orders and creating with my customers to make something personally special that's just for you! Look for some randomly picked orders that may come with a special surprise possibility of winning something to be picked at random (or maybe just for favorite, sexy or nicey, nice prefered customers). Thank you everyone so very dearly for so many very kind words, support, blog blurbs and treasuries.
Love, Rachel Bulisky; TRASH RIOT XOXOXO

You can find Trash Riot pieces in a few boutiques and collectives in Hollywood, CA or at by the ocean in Venice Beach...
Including these fabulous shops currently carrying TRASH RIOT pieces.......
Both in; Hollywood, CA 90028
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