TravelingVardo's Shop Announcement



Welcome, daaahlings! I have re-opened the shop, and while I do not have ALL new products up yet, the overwhelming majority of changes are in place. It has taken much longer to get everything done than I anticipated at the outset (I'm a serial optimist, what can I say?), but I knew if I continued to put off opening the shop back up until EVERYTHING was completely finished, it would take much longer.

That said - roll on bottles are back! Yay!

New blends include Sacred Rose, Swashbuckler, Godiva, and Sacred Isle. There are additional new blends that are not listed yet, they're still waiting in the wings for photography.

Some blends have been retired to Autumn/Seasonal category (Hearth, Wicked Jack, Fomhar, Cakes & Ale), and a few blends have been retired altogether.

You'll also find a selection of premium quality hand-dipped stick incense in the shop, as well as a few jewelry pieces. I'll continue to add more jewelry over the next week or so.


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"From the sweet grass to the packing house... from birth to death.... we are all just travelers between the two eternities."


Welcome to Vardo! My perfumes are created from natural essences, infusions, essential oils, resins, absolutes, and natural isolates as well as high quality synthetics to the fill gaps when Mother Nature doesn't quite provide what I need.

Questions? Don't hesitate to use the "Contact" link to send me a message right here at Etsy. I'll get back to you straight-away. I'm also happy to hear from you by email at TravelingVardo [!at]

So, with no further ado... welcome to my little piece of heaven, sweetlings. Settle in with a cuppa somethin' and enjoy browsing my selection of hand-crafted aromatic elixirs and other curiosities. ♥