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The handcrafted items which are currently my focus are various style of jewelry items to include: breastplates, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and small decorative mirrors. ( Custom orders available for an additional fee on all items) They are all made of paper beads which I hand roll and treat with a hardening substance. Large fabric dress tote shoulder bags available.

Please contact me to view my many handmade tribal style items including: shields, large tribal figures, etc.


At an early point in my life, for what ever reason, I became compelled to look inward. Upon gazing inward I began to acknowledge my roots. As I began to examine in depth I found that my Native American Heritage (Blackfoot) and a love of the creation was very strong with me. However, it took a period of self examination to realize just how strong and in how many ways these things influenced me .

As time progressed it became inevitable that my artistry expressed my new revelations. I began to be compelled to create Tribal Images. Through my Tribal Images I feel I not only touch the core of who I am, but each image expressed honor to the ancestors in its own unique way. Although, in times past, Native American roots may have been something to hide, I now, with visual expressions, attempt to communicate with others the honor and pride I feel in having such an ancestry. I feel that if the ancestors were with us today experiencing my images, that they would connect with them and be happy. They would rejoice to see that there are still those who honor and remember when the circle was not broken. Perhaps they would feel that all was not lost during the time when the "fires were extinguished" and they were like "birds with a broken wing".


I am new at Etsy and will add and change things as I learn how to run my store. Please be patient with me while I get my store up and running!

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If something does not seem quite right or If you have questions please contact me.

Thank-you for stopping by.

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