TribalInk's Shop Announcement

I'm helping to raise money for Bubba through Pound Pals of St. Louis & their CAT AID fund, & I have received permission from PP to help in this way.

50% of EVERY PURCHASE will go towards Bubba's medical expenses, which now total about $1200.

Bubba disappeared for three days and was apparently trapped without food or water. He returned very dehydrated with a 105 fever & an ulcerated tongue that caused an acute infection that he almost did not survive. Due to lack of nourishment, his liver began to shut down. He has required several days of hospitalization, and has received a CT scan, laparoscopy, blood tests, and a feeding tube. Bubba would have been euthanized if Pound Pals had not stepped in to save him.

He is very sweet & beloved by everyone on our street. We've tried several times to adopt him & keep him indoors, but he always managed to sneak back outside. So, a nice neighbor lady let him take up residence in her beautiful back yard, and brings him in during severe weather or temperatures. We got him fixed, keep him well-stocked with food, water, and love, and keep his shots up to date so he can enjoy best of both worlds.

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