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Although shown in black & white, EVERY IMAGE is available in any color you desire ♥
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I'm helping to raise money for Philomena through Pound Pals of St. Louis & their CAT AID fund, & I have received permission from PP to help in this way.

50% of EVERY PURCHASE will go towards beautiful Philomena's medical expenses, which now total about $2600.
Philomena means "loved." She's known love before; you can see it in her eyes and hear it in her grateful purr. But when her human went into a nursing home, Philomena's world crashed down around her. Relatives turned Philomena in to animal control, where she was housed in a room with an open ceiling so that she was exposed to the deafening noise of 150 dogs barking. The staff wore noise blocking ear muffs, but Philomena had no such relief from the unrelenting noise.
Philomena deteriorated. She stopped eating, but nobody noticed. Finally she looked so bad a volunteer pulled out all the stops and an excellent rescue stepped up to take poor Philomena. But unfortunately, once she got to their vet, she had worsened to the point that the rescue did not have the immediate funds needed for the emergency care required to save her.

You can also donate directly here,

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