TripleStrengthDose's Shop Announcement

My sister JayC and I "Cat" found a lovely place where we can express art in various forms and share with others whom appreciate homemade and vintage items.

Look around, there are a variety of different types of artistic creations; Jewelry, Scrapbook Art, Hair Accessories, Photo Art, Custom Embroidery, Stationary and more!

I'm (Cat) a huge "organized" planner so I thought Planners should be my main focus - check out my creations in my listing so far. Message me if you have any questions or concerns!

JayC is more of the fashionista and loves creating jewelry!

Memories are like treasures; they can be cherished with a special & decorative keepsake forever. Check out the Earrings, Embroidered Pillows, Photo Collages and Scrapbook Albums.

~Everyone of us can play a part in helping to make this world a better place