TrottWoodCreations' Shop Announcement

Old hippies never die, they just keep ROCK'IN! The Old Hippie, Scott Snyder, does the wood work and his Wild Woman, Trish Snyder does the painting, together we design and create one of a kind heirlooms. We will rock your wildest dreams!

Trott Wood Creations rockers are the original designs of Scott & Trish, hand made upon receipt of your order. Each rocker is made with hard wood, the details and finish set our rockers apart. Every rocker has built in stops to help prevent them from flipping. We pour love into each and everyone. They all have a unique identifing number and are signed.

Trott Wood Creations has a special non-profit program called "Hero's Rock" where we accept public donations to build custom tribute rockers for the children of fallen Heroes.

For more information on Trott Wood Creations or "Hero's Rock" visit our webpage for details or follow our progress on our latest creation on facebook.