Handpicked Goods That Succeed

Snatch It Up, Pass It On

My mom set me up for a lifetime of combing tag sales and thrift stores and estate sales early on. Following her example, I've always loved the thrill of finding something amazing buried in a rack of something meh, taking it home and wondering about who else's house it used to live in.

But I've always felt a little ping of regret when I had to leave something behind because it didn't fit quite right or I didn't quite need it. No more! From now on I'll snatch it up and pass it on to you. That way these great goodies' stories don't end and you can use them to make your own stories a little prettier.
Kristen Rogers
I'm a 28 year old living in New Jersey with a lot of love and a lot of knick knacks, as you might imagine. You can learn more about me and this shop at my blog!