TugsByTena's Shop Announcement

Offering a variety of custom and pre-made tugs and tug leashes. You can choose the colors, size, and style. Want a hot pink and black/white paw print tug for a medium sized dog--no problem! Want one with two tuggers on the end (for multiple dogs)--no problem! Want a tug the perfect size for your super fast agility pomeranian--no problem, I offer small tugs for those athletic toy dogs!

Tugs are made using strong knot-work that holds up great on the agility field, flyball runs, backyard and are great for general training work. I choose to use a sturdier knot/braid work with these tugs that gives them a stronger structure that also has some stretch to it. These tugs are excellent training tools to work on impulse control, retrieve work, drop-it or out cue, drive building, and bitework foundation for k9 frisbee.

Also available are convenient and functional leash tugs. These leashes are slip-style leashes made with a strong steel O-ring. These are excellent for walking to frisbee, agility, flyball fields and are great for dogs reluctant to recall to be leashed up--easy on and easy off. They are also excellent to use as rewards/motivators after runs/performances while walking back to crating areas. While they are commonly used in sports, I have used them while working on some reactivity by providing a fun and positive distraction to the stress of another dog. Leashes are approximately 5ft long with some stretch/give to them.

Do keep in mind these are handmade individual and custom items (in my smoke-free but pet friendly home)--there may be some imperfections (or the stray pet hair). No item will be shipped with structural imperfections, but there will always be some special-ness to my tugs (I work hard to keep tugs free of fur, but in a house with 6 furry critters, it's not terribly easy