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Tutu Gorgeous Girl specializes in boutique quality sewn tutus and accessories for all ages. PRODUCTION TIME: 5-8 BUSINESS DAYS + SHIPPING for all tutus, accessories and mini top hats. US customers please allow an AVERAGE of 5 business days shipping for all standard tutus, and 3-9 business days for other accessories. Shipping is in addition to make times. *Some CUSTOM & BULK ORDERS may take more time. ALL COMMUNICATION IS BY ETSY CONVOS.


Tutu Gorgeous Girl is not responsible for shipping delays. Please keep the following in mind:

1. Shipping is based on USPS averages and are not guaranteed delivery times. Each zip code may take less time or more time for delivery, so please do not figure that your zip will arrive in only 3 days - it could be longer.

2. USPS DOES NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY TIMES for Priority Mail and First Class Mail, therefore we cannot. During peak shipping periods, postal holidays, and inclement weather shipments may take longer. For this reason we can not guarantee delivery for last minute orders and orders that do not leave a reasonable amount of time for production and delivery.

3. USPS does not count the day the package is dropped off as a shipping day. If your package is estimated to arrive in 3 days, and your package is dropped off on Monday, arrival will be on Thursday if there are no shipping delays.

4. We are always happy to advise if you would like to contact us prior to ordering. I always recommend allowing a minimum of 1 week for shipping to be on the safe side.

5. Please do not place an order if you do not have enough time for make time and shipping. Many times orders are being placed (without contacting me first) and not allowing the full time for me to make the product(s) and ship, and I am either forced to cancel an order or work late nights to get the item(s) done. This takes away from family time or some much needed down time. I understand that things happen, but please contact me before placing a "rush" order. Also, please note, if accepted rush orders are $15.00 per tutu.

6. I cannot guarantee all orders will ship out in the minimum time frame for production I set on my announcement. But, I do guarantee orders will ship within the maximum days I set for my production time. Please consider this when ordering or contact me before placing your order.

7. Make time is in BUSINESS DAYS. We do not ship on weekends or postal holidays, so please count only the business days when figuring make time.

RUSH ORDERS: Unfortunately due to the high demand for rush orders, I am having to start charging a fee ($15.00). I would love to be able to help everyone out but, as my business grows I have less time to accommodate so many requests. I never delay current orders to accept rush orders which means I work a lot of evenings and weekends. I may not be able to accommodate all rush requests, so please contact me before purchasing your made-to-order item(s) and rush order listing. Thanks for understanding!

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Tutu Gorgeous Girl specializes in handcrafted boutique quality tutus, bustles tutus, mini top hats, and accessories for girls of all ages and sizes.

Why choose Tutu Gorgeous Girl?

♥ All tutus are made with 100% nylon tulle that has passed testing under CPSIA guidelines and is safe for your little princess.

♥ All my tutus are machine sewn for a professional high quality tutu. We do not tie our tulle in knots at the waistband. I use a very stretchy non roll elastic waistband that will provide up to 2-3 years of growing room, and easy on and off for little ones. Sewn tutus are superior in durability, function, beauty and fullness. Your little one’s tutu will last through boundless twirling and pretend play, and stay looking beautiful.

♥ Attention to detail. No detail is overlooked. From the clean, straight edges to the quality materials I use in every tutu and accessory.

♥ Tulle, tulle and more tulle! The beauty of a sewn tutu is that I can pile on layers upon layers of tulle. Each tutu will have up to 8-10 layers of tulle that is tightly gathered on a non roll elastic waistband! Most 10 and 12 inch length tutus are made with over 100 yards of tulle! This technique provides outstanding fullness that stays full!

*Long tutus and bustle tutus will arrive unfluffed and will include detailed instructions for fluffing and care of your new tutu. After fluffing, these tutus will be very large and it is difficult to ship them without severely crushing the tulle. This will allow your tutu to arrive in perfect condition and require less work in getting the wrinkles out.


This is a guide to help you choose the right length and size. If you are wanting a tutu with more coverage choose the longer recommended length for your little girl's size.

When choosing a waist size it is best to choose the size that is the same as your little girl's pant size. Most of my tutus will allow at least 2-3 years of growing room so there is no need to select a larger size. All my tutus are made with a very stretchy non roll elastic waistband that will stretch approximately 10-12 inches for easy on and off, and provide plenty of growing room. I do recommend measuring your little princess before ordering (see below for measuring tips). Please keep in mind that tutus tend to puff up and out, especially on shorter tutus, so I do not usually recommend measuring for length on shorter tutus. Instead please refer to my chart below for lengths.

ITTY BITTY 0-6 Months
Waist size = 13 inches
Standard Cut Tutu Length = 6 inches
Pixie Cut Tutu Length = 8 inches

EXTRA SMALL 6-12 Months
Waist size = 16 inches
Standard Cut Tutu Length = 6 or 8 inches
Pixie Cut Tutu Length = 8 or 10 inches

SMALL 12 - 24 Months
Waist size = 18 inches
Standard Cut Tutu Length = 6, 8 or 10 inches
Pixie Cut Tutu Length = 10 or 12 inches

Waist size = 20 inches
Standard Cut Tutu Length = 8, 10 or 12 inches
Pixie Cut Tutu Length = 10 (3T) or 12 inches (3T or 4T)

Waist size = 22 inches
Standard Cut Tutu Length = 10 or 12 inches
Pixie Cut Tutu Length = 12 or 14 inches

Waist size = 23 inches
Standard Cut Tutu Length = 10 or 12 inches
Pixie Cut Tutu Length = 12 or 14 inches


It is always best to measure for a perfect fit. Measure the smallest part of your little one's waist while she's standing. Do not measure around bulky clothing and make sure the tape is snug. Let me know in your order notes the waist size in inches.

Measure from the waist down to where you would like the tutu to fall. (i.e. mid thigh or knee length). Please keep in mind that tutus tend to puff up and out, especially on shorter tutus.

BOWS, FLOWERS, HEADBANDS are now an optional add on for most tutus. Color and variety may vary based on availability, however, they will always coordinate perfectly with your tutu. If you have a preference please contact me and I'll be happy to let you know what I have available.


**PARENTAL SUPERVISION for all tutus and accessories containing small parts/embellishments. These could pose a choking hazard. Do not allow a child to sleep in a tutu or accessory. Tutu Gorgeous Girl cannot be held responsible for any incident that should occur if you choose a product with embellishments or small pieces.

ALL IMAGES ARE THE PROPERTY OF TUTU GORGEOUS GIRL and may not be copied. Buyers beware of other shops using photos that are not theirs to sell their products.
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