TwinkleBean's Shop Announcement

Whew, Christmas was busy with whiskey sriracha, bourbon and maple bacon lollipops! I'm currently taking it easy. Just send me a message with any requests but I'm not actively listing right now. Thanks for all the support!

Twinkle Bean Lollipops is a pay-it-forward shop. 50% of all proceeds after expenses are donated to a good cause.
Thanks to customer support, Twinkle Bean was able to donate over $600 to Kiva!! And over $150 to Make a Wish!

The current cause is the Make a Wish Foundation. Give a memorable experience to a child going through a life threatening illness.

Thanks for all the support with my pillowcase-sewing group. We donated 50 handmade cases to kids in a local shelter and have funding for many more.

Thanks for visiting!