TwistedFiberDesigns' Shop Announcement

Hi and welcome to my unique Etsy shop.

I love fibers! Fibers, fibers, fibers...and I love combining them with glass buttons, all kinds of beads, pearls, stitchery and metals to create something new and unique. All of my creations are one of a kind so you are assured of an original art piece.

Because I specialize in one-of-a-kind items, my shop is an ever changing work in progress. Save my shop to your favorites and browse often!

If you see something you're interested in and do not see s/h for your country, just contact me and I will add it to the listing...I ship M-W-F except holidays. (I cannot ship buttons or kits worldwide, only to the U.S. or Canada.) No returns.

I have recently opened a new Etsy shop and am just listing items in it. It is called Beads2Behold2 and will offer fiber beads, polymer clay beads and pendants, textile pendants and finished beaded items. Here is the link: Take a look!

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This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.