TwoGirlsLaughing's Shop Announcement

From our hands to yours, designs to warm your heart, body and home. Welcome to our shop, we're glad you stopped by, so come on in and take a peek.

If your are interested in our tea towels we offer discounts on multiple orders of tea towels only. Knitted items can not be included in this offer (you'll have to purchase scarves in a different basket).

To receive tea towel discounts, use a coupon code below at check out. In your shopping basking, click the "apply shop coupon code" link under the "How you'll pay" heading, type in the applicable coupon code, and click apply. Etsy will calculate the discount for you. Once the discount is shown, click Check Out.

1- towel regular price
2-4 towels type Coupon Code TTCODE5 for 5% off your order of tea towels.
5-8 towels type Coupon Code TTCODE8 for 8% off your order of tea towels.
9-12 towels type Coupon Code TTCODE10 for 10% off your order of tea towels.
13-18 towels type Coupon Code TTCODE12 for 12% off your order of tea towels.
19+ towels type Coupon Code TTCODE15 for 15% off your order of tea towels.
We do combine shipping when possible.

NOTE: Please remember codes must be used BEFORE clicking "Check out." We are not able to provide discounts after you submit payment.

We are a mother and daughter team that loves to sew, knit & create original designs. We hope our love of fabric and yarn is reflected in our handmade's, which we manage to make when we're not laughing. You will also find useful up-cycled vintage items, ready for a new home.

Our handmade tea towel goodness is from our little craft studio which is located on the shores of a mountain lake. Smoke free and pet free environment.

Our hand knit handmade goodness is from our little craft studio which is located on the shores of the gulf of Mexico. Smoke free and pet free environment.

Why did we name our shop "Two Girls Laughing"? Well, here is the story written by my daughter Jenny for all of you who've asked.

"I can't think of an occasion when my mom and I were together that didn't either start or end with laughter. Even when we're annoyed and frustrated (not necessarily at each other), we can make each other giggle.

One occasion in particular, involved dreaming up a name for our joint knitting and sewing ventures. We wanted something that captured not just the essence of our products, but the essence of our relationship. While sitting in mom's sewing room we wandered down many strange avenues of names with very little direction or luck, but laughing at the silly things we came up with. I remember something about a fat quail; or maybe it was a fat hen. Regardless, ideas weren't fruitful, but laughter was plentiful. My dad came in mid-way through our conversation, heard us giggling and quibbling over a store name, and commented from the other room, "Why don't you just call it "Two Girls Laughing". Of course it was perfect, and we all knew it immediately."

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