TwoQuirkyKids' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Two Quirky Kids!
This is a shop filled with the creations of my two fantastic kids! Ella (age 6) and Opal (age 5) love to make art!
Together, as sisters, they create all the pieces listed here and I lovingly construct them with care. The designs are completely done by them. We use quality materials in the construction so you can be assured that your item is durable.

25% OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS STORE WILL GO TO A CHARITY OF ELLA AND OPAL'S CHOICE! It will change over time. Right now they particularly care about animals and we will donate our proceeds monthly to the World Wildlife Fund.

The rest of the proceeds will go directly into an account for Ella and Opal for future use, well, and maybe a little will be used to buy a new toy or two.

Rest assured, I do not force my kids to make these things, they sit at their art table and WANT to do it. They are very creative and love to make designs.

I hope you enjoy their designs! Thank you for supporting the creativity of a child and helping the world at the same time!

Oh, and Ella and Opal want me to tell you: "Ella and Opal are awesome!