TwoRiversWoodWorks' Shop Announcement

Every piece that is made on this site, is hand made. I am an experienced craftsman, with over 15 years wood working experience. Every piece is hand crafted and extremely unique, durable, heavy and textured and made to last over a lifetime. I was going to create my own website, but felt led to Etsy. A friend recommended it and as I read about it, felt this was a perfect way to start my website. However, I have been building furniture for years and selling it at my shop I have in MS, but also wanted to market my pieces on a website. And so I decided to start here. My work is very well known in my area of MS, but I wanted to branch out.
Remember when furniture used to be so heavy you could barely move it, but you kept every piece because it was a family heirloom and it was something like no one had ever seen before? Plus it had that added feeling of having your past loved ones around. Well, I have a sentimental side to me and I've kept everything from my past loved ones. And my goal has always been to make every piece of furniture exactly that way. I want every piece to be made to perfection with the highest standards of quality and durability. And to be able to be passed down throughout generations to come, in the family.
I put a lot of thought into every piece I make. I literally will get a piece of wood and just look at it for days and start smoothing it down and just get a vision and start from there. It's a gift I have always had and a love for building things. I love to build unique pieces. There isn't one piece of furniture in my home I haven't made. I want my kids to have that feeling of knowing it was made by me with love and specially made for them. And also something they can pass down to there kids. And each picture you see, that was used to decorate these pieces, is pictures of our family. The kids love looking at the pieces I add on Etsy, because they see there pictures and it makes them feel like a part of this. Which is exactly how me and my wife want them to feel.
Every piece is built to perfection or I will not build it. There's not one piece of furniture or home decor, I can't build. And when it is finished, you can be sure, it's extremely well made and made to perfection with the highest standards of quality and integrity and nothing less. If you have a special design in mind and a special piece of wood you would like me to use, I will take requests. I love new ideas and welcome them. I want every one of my customers to be 100% satisfied.
Thank you for looking at my furniture / home decor and my shop. Me and my wife, do work together as a team on this, to ensure our customers get prompt attention. We value our customers and admirers. Have a Blessed day and God Bless you. Bobby and Rana Rivers

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.