USAmmolite's Shop Announcement

Welcome to USAmmolite. I am a rockhound, meaning that I love to get out in the mountains and find beautiful gemstones and crystals, some of which are extremely rare and valuable. A few years ago, a couple friends and I found a deposit of gem quality ammolite in Utah and filed a claim. Many sites claim that the only gem quality ammolite comes from Canada - which was true for many years. However, this find clearly refutes such statements made today. All gem quality ammolite sold in this shop was found by me on our site in Utah. Except for the Australian fire opal pieces, all of the other stones sold in this shop were personally found by myself.

Ammolite is one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones in the world. The stone comes from the shell of an extinct sea creature that lived between 70 and 120 million years ago. It's closest living relative today is the nautilus, a squid-like, ammonite creature that scoots about in its snail-like shell.

Ammolite is one of nature's greatest artistic achievements. No other natural stone has similar fire and brilliance. Each stone has a chromatic color shift as the stone is turned. Reds often shift to greens, greens to golds and blue. Each piece is unique and every color of the rainbow may be found in various stones.

More than 99% of gem quality ammolite comes from Canada and so deposits are extremely rare in other places - like Utah. One might ask if Utah ammolite is different than the Canadian variety. The answer is simple: The ammolite fossil stone itself is the same, however, at least some of the host rock may be different. Canadian ammolite is often found in baculite, a relatively hard dark grey stone. The Utah variety is found in a tan to grey limestone that tends to be more brittle and must be stabilized prior to cutting. The quality of stones from both places is virtually the same.

Like fire opal, ammolite is a relatively soft stone (it's an ancient fossil sea shell), so each stone either has a cab (a hard clear stone dome, usually a clear quartz or spinel) or a clear resin coating as a protection for the stone. All processing of the stone and work by USAmmolite was done, by myself, right here in Utah. I have a variety of grades and colors and am pleased to be able to provide these specimens in art forms for the enjoyment of my customers. Please let me know by email or convo if you have any special requests. Volume discounts for multiple pieces are also available upon request.

Other rare and interesting stones may be found on this site including Tiffany Stone/bertrandite, variscite, variquoise, chrysocolla, magnetite and a nice variety of fire opal. I also have a limited amount of rough in these stones that I am willing to sell to those interested.

Please also visit the etsy shop of one of my greatest rockhounding friends called Learnin Rocks. Robin has excellent rock collection kits that include extremely rare and valuable gemstones, fossils and mineral specimens that are worthwhile for any rock collector at, what I believe, are very low prices.

I hope you enjoy the pieces sold on my site as much as I enjoyed finding and working them!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.