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Marco Uberrime

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Marco Uberrime


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The Uberrime Studio

Uberrime, (Uber-ree-may) Latin for luxury, abundance, and or fruitfully copious. Welcome to the Uberrime Studio, a one human operation, that's me, Marco, in a tiny leased commercial space in Orlando Florida. I began Uberrime indirectly in 2015 when I moved all of my workshop tools and creative materials into this tiny office space, cordoned off into different labs where each corner is used to make different things. Asking a lifelong friend what I could make her for Christmas, thinking a nice hand carved clock or something elegant, she replied bluntly and in all seriousness, "A Dildo." It took me all of about two seconds to reply that I could in fact make her one. After a month of trial and error, her gift arrived just before Christmas. The feedback was immediate, “You should sell these!” Indeed.

Skin safe Platinum Silicone is the foundation of all of my toys. Toys which begin as hand sculpted plugs in clay and resins, a silicone mold is then made around the sculpture into which the individual toys are cast one at a time. I rather enjoy sculpting, playing with colors and abstract shapes and combinations of those where the result is something unique and artsy. There is a deep sense of gratification in hand making and I strive to become better, explore, and expand with each and every toy I make. Ultimately Id like my toys to be thought of as functional art pieces, something that could or should be on display. From realistic and reaslistic-ish to sci-fi and fantasy sculptures, the end results are all unique and uniquely yours.

Marco Uberrime

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Frequently asked questions
Do you offer Complimentary Care Packages in exchange for promotions and reviews?

Uberrime does in fact have a review program but we are not accepting further applicants at this time. Please feel free to submit an email with requests but please understand I receive requests almost daily for complimentary items and cannot oblige every one of them.

Custom and personalized orders

Yes indeed, Uberrime Sex Toys can be made to order, custom colors and density. Simply pick an item and I will cast it to your specifications. Please contact me as color options are too many to list. There is no extra charge for custom color or density options. At this time I cannot oblige commissioned, from scratch items.

Care instructions

Should I wash my new toy before using it? Yes please do. Although I do in fact wash every toy once its been removed from the mold, it is a good idea to wash your toy thoroughly before its first use. Make use of hot water and anti-bacterial hand soap, boiling water, bleach and water (do not boil bleach and water), even a dishwasher (no detergent). After cleaning, rinse the toy thoroughly and let it air dry. Silicone is sticky and paper/cloth towel fibers, hair, pet hair, and dust etc. will adhere to the surface.

Are Uberrime Dildos and Sex Toys Skin Safe?

Absolutely. Skin Safe and Odor Free. Uberrime Adult Toys are made with SmoothOn Platinum Silicone either Ecoflex™ and or Dragon Skin® I quote, "Cured material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory to ISO 10993-10, Biological evaluation of medical devices, Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization." Uberrime Items are always Phthalates Free.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases made from Uberrime or any other sites such as Etsy where my items are listed, and related holding company or companies. The purchaser/customer acknowledges that they agree to the following terms upon using the website and purchase of any and all products listed herein. The Uberrime Company reserves the right to change these Terms without notice. By viewing content and/or purchasing products from Uberrime you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older or of the required legal age to view and/or purchase adult oriented items in your state, country and/or region.

Limitation of Liability

Uberrime sells products that are intended for adult use only. No information on this site should be considered as instructions for use. It is entirely the Customer's responsibility and accountability to determine the appropriate use of any products purchased from Uberrime where, The Customer retains full responsibility for any damages as a result of use of any product purchased from Uberrime, In no event, regardless of cause, shall the Company or the Proprietor of Uberrime be held liable for any damages as a direct or indirect result from use of any products purchased from Uberrime including but not limited to incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind.

What lubricants are suitable for my new toy?

Water based lubricants are the best for the longevity of your toy and mostly found to be body safe. Avoid, DO NOT, use Silicone based lubricant as it can and will damage the surface and finish of cured silicone and the toy may become unsafe for use. Natural oils such as coconut oil are completely safe for use with silicone toys.

What is the difference in density?

Uberrime Dildos and Sex Toys are available in soft (shore 0050), a blend of soft and medium (shore 7.5), or medium (shore 10) platinum silicone. Firmer toys, up to very firm (shore 20) Platinum Silicone can be custom made. Some items are available in dual density where the exterior is soft and the core is firm. A good gauge for understanding firmness is to touch your thumb to your forefinger then touch the area of your palm just below your thumb, that is similar to soft silicone. Touch your thumb to your middle finger which resembles medium, and thumb to ring finger resembles firm.

My butt plug is stinky after use, what can I do?

Long answer short, silicone is in fact porous. The surface of silicone sex toys may appear smooth but there are in fact tiny, microscopic holes that will trap smelly gas in Items such as butt plugs or other platinum silicone toys used for anal play. All silicone toys may in fact retain an odor after such use. To eliminate the odor first try soaking the toy in a 10% water and bleach solution. If the odor persists, simply place the toy in an oven set to 350º for about half an hour. This will in fact do the trick. Wash the toy afterward with warm water and antibacterial soap and you are set.

Do I have to pay Customs Fees and Taxes for my International Order?

In short, yes. I receive payment for your items and shipping costs. When printing your postage, I am required by law to declare the items contained within and the associated value of those items. I list items as Silicone Novelties per customs requirements. Nearly always you will be charged a Customs Fee and Local Taxes when you receive your package. These things are completely out of my control and I apologize for the extra expenses you may incur in this regard.