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"Eco Friendly Fashion intentionally designed for the consciously stylish!" ~ Made in Boca Raton, Fl.

Original and One of a Kind ~ Sustainable Wearable Art ~ Handmade with LOVE!

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"Shredded Collection"

Each piece is UNIQUE! I never know what the cut or end result is going to look like and just allow my creativity to flow and manifest the final product! Each time you wear one of my pieces you know you are not only wearing something that is completely ORIGINAL and ONE OF A KIND but also a work of ART! Since no 2 shirts or cuts will ever be identical they are also perfect as a COLLECTOR'S PIECE! ;)

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UniverSoulWear was born out of a passion for art and creating along with the conscious awareness for a sustainable lifestyle. It is an Eco-friendly organic brand that exhibits the original art of designer Haydee Rancel. It aims at combining fashion and consciousness by creating a line that is not only stylish but is also forgiving to our beautiful planet. All items are personally designed, handmade and screenprinted with allot of love using waterbased non-toxic inks on 100% organic cotton materials, recycled blends & sustainable fabrics.

UniverSoulWear is run and operated out of my home studio by me, Haydee Rancel. All artwork is original, mostly hand drawn or illustrated digitally. All tshirts under the "Shredded Collection" are also hand cut by me. I may even sew a stitch or 2 on some of the pieces to give them a more fitted look for that unique one of a kind original style.

My designs are intended to inform and connect with the higher consciousness of all as one "UniverSoul" family for a common purpose of a greener tommorrow through sustainable practices!

Why I choose Organic and Fair Trade?

Organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizers, free from toxic chemicals and using methods that have a low impact on the environment. All materials purchased also come from suppliers that participate in a fair trade market. The fair trade movement is about creating a better world – one where economy works for the people and not against them, by making sure that the following standards are met for production:

*Better prices: paying workers a fair wage for their labor and to paying producers a guaranteed minimum price for their agricultural products or a fair price for their handicrafts or other products.

*Decent working conditions: The producer group agrees to provide good working conditions, safety procedures and adequate health standards for all workers. Both the buyer and the producer group agree to promote human rights, especially those of women, children and people with disabilities.

*Sustainable development: Producers also agree to use environmentally sound production methods. Harmful agrochemicals and GMOs are prohibited in favor of environmentally sustainable farming methods.

Fairtrade certification of cotton complements initiatives that attempt to address the problems associated with garment and textile production and respect for the environment with the growing of organic cotton. Although it cost more to produce organic cotton, consciously choosing to purchase it will have an impact on not only your own well being and on the people who produce the products but also the Earth!

Peace ૐ Love ૐ Organic


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