UnnecessaryNecessity's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting UnnecessaryNecessities. While the name may seem to be a contradiction, it isn’t really if you stop and ponder this for a moment. How often have we been attracted to an item that has little purpose in our every day lives. Despite that practical voice in our head deeming this new found treasure totally “unnecessary”, we are drawn to it…it speaks to us and, while we may not have the slightest clue about what we need it for, it suddenly becomes a “necessity”, a must have, a can’t live without.

My shop is a gathering place for my passionate pursuit of quirky curiosities and inspirational whimsies and my need to refresh and revitalize my own surroundings by passing on some of my favorite things, many of which have a fond memory or fabulous story behind their purchase. Many of these objects are weathered and worn, tattered and torn; their beauty is in being imperfectly perfect. It is my hope that I can share a sampling of lost objects and found treasures with all of you as I cull through small collections of this and that, carefully selected bric-a-brac, nonsensical what have you’s and maybe even some functional finds. Every price range will be represented so look for sweet little things and beautiful big things, all sharing the same platform.

Thank you again for stopping by and I do hope that you will find something in my store that makes you smile or gives you inspiration to think outside traditional decorating norms. If not, I thank you for visiting in any event and welcome you to check back again sometime.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.