UpDownSideKids' Shop Announcement

My children have always been an inspiration to me so when I started designing clothes for them, it seemed obvious to me to turn the designs upside down so they could enjoy the picture when wearing them.

I love the name UpDownSideKids!
When my son Hayden was two years old, he would see something upside down and say... "look mummy it's UPDOWN SIDE"! It was just too cute, I never corrected him and the name stuck.

My current designs are based on the many animals we have had in our household over the years and each design is named after those animals and also every member of our family.

UpDownSideKids is meant to bring the fun back into childhood by allowing them to wear clothes that have happy smiles and are bright cheery colours.

UpDownSideKids is for a child focused world – bringing kids clothing back to the basics. They are made with love here in our home on the South Coast NSW, one by one - for kids to wear and enjoy.

After all, UpDownSideKids is for the kids, thanks to four of the best kids in the world....mine... because they have always turned my world upside down and allowed me to see things through their eyes.