UpcycledInventions' Shop Policies

Refunds and Exchanges

All my work is built to last, however everything has its limits. Coatings, chemical treatments can fade away and wear over time, metals can corrode away into nothing. Regardless, everything I make has a 1 year return guarantee. If something is damaged due to improper use, or customer abuse I cannot guarantee it. However I will repair it, if feasible, which in most cases I believe it will be. Repair charges will be estimated when I receive the item, and owner will be notified of nature of these repairs and charges before repair is done. Some things that I make have coloration and textures on them that I will not be able reproduce to exact original condition after a repair is made. In these cases I will do my best to emulate the original effects.

Shipping charges of all damaged returns that are due to neglect of owner shall be paid by the owner.

Last Updated January 19, 2012