UrdHandicrafts' Shop Announcement

Dear customers, we can no longer guarantee delivery by Xmas for most of our products. For more info, please contact us with your location as there still might be time to get some of the items that are ready to ship.

Welcome to our shop! ''Urd'' creates historically accurate, history inspired & fantasy artisan jewelry and other handicrafts made of sterling silver, chainmaille, gemstones, deer antler, bog oak, wood, wool, textile, polymer clay... We love to create customized items and are trade-friendly. Among our products, you can find unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more.

Beside medieval times, we are science nerds and fantasy fans - our greatest passion are dragons, Martin's "Game of Thrones"/"A Song of Ice and Fire" series, Tolkien's "LOTR", but also Neofolk music with its philosophy. With our work we try to honor the tradition of our Germanic ancestors. We are a dedicated couple that works with high quality supplies only, and it takes hours and hours to make every item.

We'd kindly like to ask you to read our policies before you place an order:

If you want us to send an item directly to your gift recipient, we will be happy to include a free note - just let us know what to write.

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