VAVAfeltdesign's Shop Announcement

Hand made felt is like a good wish. A good wish for whom it's made for, and a good wish for the one who creates it. I'm felting and so does the fabric felt me.
A metaphor evolved in me. Someone or something is in a felted state when it is whole, flawless, identical, covert, feeling well, is able to breath, its capabilities work in harmony, it merges into its surroundings.
I do felt, thus I work with my body. My body is alert. It exerts force, but doesn't struggle to do so. It relies on the elements. Pugging the felt is like a dance for me, I become a part of a rhytmic movement which I form, intensify, soften and counteract for my own joy.
I often felt with natural colored wool. Raw fleece colors mean the beginning, the earth, a neutral base, the nourishing, the ferment, the primeval mass from which forms are sprout. Namely, they emboss, that's how they come to be, because I work with a stitching technique which makes the flat felt surface relief-like. Sewing is like a path to be taken stitch by stitch until the motif gets its final shape.
Nowadays did I start to involve more fabrics and colors into my feltmakings in order to make use of my collected textile pieces. This is a new pursuit to me, to place them into a mosaic-like whole.