VaVoomVintageBazaar's Shop Announcement

~**Welcome to Vavoom Vintage Bazaar!**~
Wear your favorite era by adding VaVoom to your wardrobe!

I have been an avid hunter of vintage and antique items since I was a child. Vavoom Vintage Bazaar is dedicated to unique articles of clothing, accessories, and other little odds and ends. VaVoom Vintage Bazaar offers tons of affordable vintage waiting for the right home. :) If you have any inquiries about any items in my shop, I would be happy to assist you!
Please check the measurements in the item description. Most items are measured while the garment was flat, so you might need to double the inches depending on how you are measuring (if something was listed as 12" across the waist, but you are measuring all the way around your waist, then you would double the measurement to 24"). The shop sections are estimates of the sizes, and some can fit both a medium and a large, and so on.
I do ship internationally! Message me, and we'll figure out the shipping costs together!

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I also have an Ebay page! My username is vvbazaar.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.