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Healthy Ways We Can Survive The World. BY Understanding Gender and Sectually you can deprogram dynamic ideals with MY foundation of FAITH 6 college degrees and studies San Francisco,Paris and Rome helped

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Art for Education And stories Against Bullying . Step Right Up talk series and Workbook Come One Come All Stories Real People Real

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Be Anchored in The LORD
A survival kit for todays Souls.

Art History, Books and ARt are funny Historically Imaginative educational Magical Whimsy Creatures REFLECTIONS on Life. Magazine

Kawaii is an outlook.
Cosplay Sci Fi Pinups. People often mistake kindness for weakness.

OFTEN BITTER AGAINST EACH OTHER . Mystic beyond Magic Commonly identified throughout history as you are on a beach and a women with a tail comes up we all know she is mermaid.

About the photographer
Since 1984 formal classes, studied 7 years and won awards began with developing own film. A Lifestyle 1940s retro.

Having survived a real life blacklist for stories against those who were hurting children US, SWEDEN, environmental corruption EGYPT , hate crimes tried to shut her down so that she couldn't make more documentaries or News Shows. She used her art when the criminals used everything they could to block her income/money.

Talks Healing Women's Spirituality Books and ArtSelf Awareness Training Trainers : College Degreed and 3 California Credentials professional ILLUSTRATOR, COMIC BOOK ARTIST, COMIC-CON.

Throughout history Magical Creatures OFTEN evidence a variety of mysteries and emotions. A Vampire visual approaches, Women including ones that fit comfortably within the Sociological View of Good Girls here, Women as Creatures of intellect and Wisdom with Mythical Levels of Beauty. Characters women who are girly and strong. The freedom to be you. Fantasy yourself as you truly are. If your way of viewing the world is working then way do we have so many increase in cruel human tricks.

These Characters Were Created

Understanding you are a human with a brain. Sexuality, did a book on sexual sociopaths trying to fight Phedophiles. Our clients are healed and have a new life, A Soul with A Life to Build. Spiritual Lifestyles can be in done healthy with a balance of Spirituality and Faith.

WE ALL HAVE THE FREE WILL TO choose Who We Are Never losing your faith or hope
no matter what someone who probably does not even knpow or life themselves tries to make you. Using their control or cruelty to steal the one thing we all carry freewill. And what should be Hope.

Each print or workshop and museum jewelry is licensed from my original artwork.
Custom made pieces each piece is individual piece of art.

A gift given thousands of years ago.

All prints can be hand finished signed.

I travelled the world alone and helped , train and guided others.