VaporAndVoid's Shop Announcement

My name is Keane and I cut stencils.
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Each of the paintings you see here was created by cutting into pieces of poster board and spraying them in the right order with different colors. Each piece takes only a short bit to spray, but the actual stencils themselves each take between 5 and 30 hours to complete depending on detail.

I'm a huge fan of simple imagery and minimalism - single, bright colors, with grayscale photographic-style objects or typography in the foreground is my jam. Also, negative space feels like a nice warm blanket on a snowy day to me, so I milk that for all it's worth.

I hope my work makes you smile, think, or feel like your back was just scratched.


Follow recent work and check out my process at


I'm available for commissioned pieces, message me or email me at vaporandvoid[at] for more info!