Vasya's Shop Announcement

VASYA is a fashion brand of beautifully designed unique pieces and limited editions made in Barcelona.

Born in 2008, the brand follows the concepts of Slow Fashion and Luxury Recycling introducing long term unique looks and separate collections for the every-day chic woman to take her beloved accessories and fashions to the next level, by catering them and making them accessible for today's trends and tomorrows.

Working with high quality fabrics, preferably with silks, cottons, viscose and wools, we design like small production series (between 3 and 15 pieces) and totally unique pieces that we can’t repeat in the same combination. We don’t work with vintage and used materials, bur recycle new seasonal samples from different sources.

Fashion Designer and Illustrator Sasha Budnik, the founder of the brand: “I dedicate my work to bringing out the different "characters" in women - women with personality confidence and a strong sense of self, spirituality and their existence. The most genuine and creative personal style is created not only by a constant developing of trends, but also by individuality.”

The majority of our styles are exclusive and you can request something special and personal. We love to make personalized designs! Custom made wedding and evening dresses orders are welcome!

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