ViBriStainedGlass' Shop Announcement

Welcome to ViBri Stained Glass! This shop is a father-daughter endeavour: my dad is the artist and I, with my computer skills, help him sell his work.

My dad has always been interested in construction and handcraft projects. Near the end of his carreer in Engineering, he discovered the world of stained glass. For the past 12 years he has been creating beautiful pieces for family and friends. The process of designing a piece, choosing the right glass and seeing how the light catches and highlights the colors of the glass is what makes this art so appealing to him. He likes working on small projects as well as on larger lamp shades or windows.

Being able to surround yourself with a little art makes your days that much brighter. Every piece was made with care and precision and we can only hope that it finds its way to a nice, well-lit spot in someone’s home!

If you are interested in seeing more elaborate creations, feel free to visit We would be glad to discuss custom made orders with you. Contact me for pricing and feasability.

Also, if you would like to order items from Fleur de Pixie ( and ViBri Stained Glass, contact me for discounted shipping.

Thank you and have fun shopping!