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Some of my fun designs on wikked backdrops ...I like a sniff of humour injected into my work.
Some of my pet portraits ~ fine prints from original water colors.
My model skipped off with a Spanish waiter 4 years ago, and I am stuck with the job till further notice.
Dad directing his last film *Operation Amsterdam * ~ and little me (on the very far left ) ~ earning my first wage :)
Keeping an eye on business and my fellow Etsy mates ;-}

Past, Present and Future in briefs >>>

My first monies received for any artistic endeavor were from my famous Film Director dad who gave me a few guilders while we were in Holland and he was directing his ~ (to be ) ~ last movie ~ *Operation Amsterdam *. I had 2 small roles in it :)
My second wages were from a pub in the UK called The Ship in a seaside resort where I grew up ~ at 16, I played the piano at lunchtimes for 10 bob ( shillings ), and quaffed all the beer I could handle ;) (They regretted that ) LOL !
My 3rd diversion was for my VERY FIRST Etsy SALE on 3rd January 2007 for a pair of earrings ...since then I have never looked back :D)
I didn't sell a sausage for 4 months photos were dreadful, and my knowledge of the site was non existent - but I persevered. learned, asked questions- joined forums, Teams and promoted . I curated 1000's of Treasurys (in the old format) , ~ they expired after 2 days and you had to queue for the next openings ... I was hooked. I am a still an avid promoter of fellow artists
My dad was hugely successful and artistic in his career and made 100's of films, and was in partnership with Douglas Fairbanks Jr for a few years ~ unfortunately TB got the better of him at 42 .
My mum was a nurse, and nursing him when they met.
She was a classical pianist as well, and our family were brought up surrounded by music and animals, but from a very early age ~ without a father.
(Animals to this day are a HUGE part of my life ... they inspire, give me strength, and fill me with joy .... even though ~ as I travel so much, I am without my own .... )
Dad had always wanted me to act or dance ~ which I did for many years in my youth ~ but then my love for music was the path I followed.
I won a scholarship to drama school, where I stayed very briefly ~ Arts Educational in London ...~ it did not agree with me ~ I am very much a free spirit ~ and I knew there was more to life than rain and grey skies, so after a stint doing cabaret as a blues singer and pianist , in London, where I was born~ left for hotter climes, and my 1st stop , (at 19 ) ~was the Bahamas where I lived for 5 years ~ on to Jamaica, Florida ~ the Greek Islands ~ United Arab Emirates ...and a lot of Europe where I made a couple of records .... enough said was fun~ and I'm not bad ..haha tra la la !
I said I'd be brief ~~~
Now living 9 months of the year in beautiful Southern Spain for the last 16 years in the Mediterranean ~ I am totally overwhelmed by my surroundings, and this is evident in my work. ~ it is very bold and bright and OTT ~ which my loyal customers enjoy , and used to do a lot of fashion shows in the area ... I love fashion with a passion and hope YOU really like my BOLD colourful offerings :)
Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and to read this and that you like my fun and sexylicious photo backdrops .
Etsy is a really cooooool place to hang out ! (Just passed 9 years on Etsy Sep 2006 )

My future is to work less and sell more , but I know I can't do anything by halves ~ so ~ *back to the drawing board * >>>>

I forgot to add that I thank the Lord for ALL of my talents ...I know that I have been blessed :)
Vicki Diane
owner, I'll adorn ANYthing that stands still long enough !
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