VictorianBoho's Shop Announcement

Victoriana Originals became VictorianaGlam9 -- on Etsy. The new shop is Victorian Boho. Victoriana Originals and VictorianaGlam9 were started to create a neo-Victoian Style that would inspire glamour in today's women and were initiated by the lost in history hatpin which would become an adornment--the stickpin (especially for professional engagements--perhaps in the lapel) and could secure (for instance) floppy brimmed summer hats and wide brimmed straw hats of today. Fashionable women owned many stickpins (which were kept in their boudoir in a stickpin holder) to secure their hats; and,--then and now--a keepsake for future generations. During the Victorian Era Queen Victoria gave the Court settings to common metal workers with glass and lucite to create the court settings for the people -- forerunners of today's high end fashion jewelry. I use these authentic materials of the Era.
Womens Liberation started during peaceful Victoria' s reign. My jewelry reflects the freedom of design and the return of glamour into personal style (go with instinct) and personal choice(forget the rules) for women of all ages.I also use crystal and natural stones, mostlly new and some vintage beads, leather and suede cording melding the materials, I came into a melding of the Bohemian Village and the Glamorous Victorian Styles and reinvented my etsy storque--Victorian Boho. Victorian Boho was created for each of you. Every piece is OOAK; multiple pieces in the various colors and styles of wedding jewelry can be replicated with a custom order. Feel free to browse and reinvent an already savvy you.