VintageBicycles' Shop Announcement

Hello, My name is Adam. I live in New England. I am an artist, vintage collector, vintage bicycle enthusiast and vintage bicycle salvager. I scour the hills and the coast line of New England in search of interesting antique bicycles with interesting stories behind them.
Like many other collectors, for me, finding a vintage treasure is not only about discovering a new and exciting object but also the story behind the object. I have a passion for these bicycles and their stories and want to share that passion with my Etsy customers. Buying a Vintage Bicycle is a chance to own a unique piece of history and industrial art, that is: educational, esoteric and entertaining while simultaneously good for your health and the environment, helping preserve a piece of history and knowledge to pass on to the next generation, as well as a good financial investment.
Each bicycle sold by New England Vintage/Underground Bicycles comes with a laminated brand and era relevant Vintage Bicycle tag as would have been seen at its original sale and a typewriter-typed explanation of the bicycles history including the story behind its original construction, it’s rediscovery and previous ownership.
I price the bicycles according to rarity, condition and currant market value. Some bicycles I refurbish myself, some will have a beautiful original patina and some are what we call ‘basket cases or rollers” i.e. a bike in pieces (in a basket) or a bike that simply rolls but otherwise isn’t ridable without work. This allows customers to choose from an array of bicycles at different levels of finish. A customer always has the choice to leave a bicycle as it's found, buy a ridable street ready bike, or buy one they'd like to completely restore.
No matter what the condition of the bike it will be priced fairly and will include a vintage tag and letter of rediscovery. Remember I don't choose just any bike they must be rare and they must have an interesting background.
Full restorations are available at the customer’s request. A free estimate is available at the customer’s request. Every new Vintage Bicycle sold will be professionally boxed (with some disassembly required) and shipped as economically as possible ensuring the antiques safety and care while also keeping the customers budget in mind.