VintageKouture's Shop Announcement

Everything must go sale! Use coupon code: INDIANSUMMER for 25% off. Items will no longer be relisted. We have a selection of unique merchandise including hand-crafted jewelry and accessories, as well as vintage apparel. Thank you for your interest in our etsy shop!

My shop is dedicated to the beautiful and amazing Pamela Courson the "cosmic mate" of Jim Morrison. In 1969 Pamela Courson, an artist and fashion designer, opened up her store Themis, named for the Greek Goddess of Justice, at 947 North La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, California. Her store had the flair of the hippies and the rock stars of the time. She created a place so beautiful, so unique and precious that each person caught a glimpse into her soul when they walked in. As each customer walked out with whatever cool threads they picked up that day they left with a little piece of her heart! && so Vintage Kouture has been born as a reincarnation of Themis! We have a wonderful selection of Themis and Pamela Courson, inspired vintage clothing that we believe would be like the merchandise Pamela offered in her store and that she would love! Whether you are looking for an outfit for day or night, for a casual or formal event, for work or for play...we have it all at Vintage Kouture!

We offer a selection of unique vintage apparel and accessories as well as hand-crafted jewelry and accessories. Our vintage products include womens clothing, accessories, jewlery, and more. Men's clothing is coming soon! At Vintage Kouture we strive to offer a wide selection of vintage apparel so that we will have all of the clothes, jewelry and accessories you need to create the perfect individual look for youself! At Vintage Kouture we want to have clothing refective of all the various styles popular in each era. We have vintage merchandise reminiscent of the classic Hollywood movie stars; luxurious designer items; elegant and sophisticated clothing from the 1930s to 1950s; space age mod wear of the 1960s; eccentric hippie clothing of the 60s and 70s; 70s disco clothes; and glamourous clothing of the 1980s.

Vintage Kouture also offers unique one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewelry and accessories. We have vintage reborn jewelry sets which combine vintage beads, pendants and findings with new metals to bring vintage pieces new life and meaning by creating something just for you! Vintage Kouture also offers vintage inspired jewelry including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings! Vintage Kouture also offers fabulous hand-crafted hair accessories, purses and more!

Check out the beautiful jewelry, clothing, accessories and more we have available at our online boutique. If you are looking for a unique and un-paralled vintage look we have it all to meet your individual style! *~Peace&&Love~* Vintage Kouture