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A SPECIAL OFFER in MediterraneanVintage !!!

In the "about" you can see a market in a village on the Costa Brava.
" MediterraneanVintage" was there

A little of our history and a history of the objects of that we have in our shop "MediterraneanVintage".

In the second half of the XIX century, was built in Catalonia stately home and mansion for a part of the population had done a large fortune.

Some of these owners named "indians" were returning from Cuba. He had enriched with trade of coffee, sugar, .. etc., and were returning to Catalonia.

Other owners initiated the Industrial Revolution, an economic system based in agriculture changing by an incipient industrialization of Catalonia, especially in textile and metallurgical.

These houses were built, decorated and furnished it with no problem. Coincided with the existence of architects who have passed into history to make Barcelona the world capital of Modernism (Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domenech i Muntaner, Rafael Maso, etc.).

Over the years, some heirs of these mansions have been selling objects and furniture. Currently you can find in antique shops or "markets" second hand.

This is where "MediterraneanVintage" look most of the pieces we have displayed "MediterraneanVintage"

"MediterraneanVintage" appreciate and value all that is past history, we love to frequent the markets and us like that you can enjoy getting the pieces we offer in our store.