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Here are half dolls in the making with finished dolls wearing pincushion and vintage lace skirts.
Half dolls that have been released from the mold waiting to dry before sanding out seam lines.
Handmade wind chime from Jadeite glass plate hung outside in my garden our studio/ office is built over our garage.
This collage photo show how the chimes are designed and finish wind chimes in the studio window.

All Things are Possible

My name is Rita Marie, owner, designer, and curator of Vintage Polka Dot Com.

I started this in the Faith, that to do what is in your heart to do was worth pursuing with full determination and purpose of heart.

My loving and supportive husband Tom ( Jag) and artistic son have joined with hands on participation in the fun helping me get things done make up the wonderful team here at the shop. And now having ventured into visions of there own, very talented and unique creations. Joakim creates amazing windchimes from vintage dishes and stained glass. Jag designs hand turned writing pens and products from exotic wood and modern acrylics in his shop WoodturningbyChuck.

I take my inspiration from beautiful New Hampshire and things about it's history that is all around me.

Creativity is the focus of Vintage Polka Dot Com to have a vision, an idea, inspiration and apply yourself to see the thing through is such a rewarding feeling and sense of accomplishment.

Then to offer the things you have created to others and have them share the same enthusiasm, that what you have created has found it's place in the hearts and homes of someone makes it all worth while.

Secondary, is my love for all the little treasures of that time we all so fondly identify, the character, the quality of things quaint, vintage, antique and old... this is a treasure hunt I like to pursue and bringing these treasures together and offer them to you.
Rita Marie
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