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Searching for the nitty-gritties and rusty-crusties makes my heart sing
My booth at the antique mall in Leesburg, VA (circa 2011)
My sister (right) and me (left) selling at Art & Soul in Hampton Roads, VA
My booth at Chartreuse & Co. in Frederick, MD (holiday 2013)
$5 all you can carry? I'm unafraid of scary places….

I SWORE I'd never do this....

Growing up, nothing was more mortifying to me and my sister than Mom screeching to the side of the road to pick up some junk, or dragging us to an antique store. We cringed in the backseat, hoping no one would see us.

Decades later, we're both more-enthusiastic junkers than Mom ever was, and she's insanely jealous.

I've been scouring the tri-state DC area for about a decade, and have been selling as Vintage Rescue Squad since 2005. I primarily sell in an antique mall, but also at occasional flea markets and art-show vendor nights. I regularly hit estate sales, flea markets, barn sales, and travel a LOT for my wares—up and down the east coast, and even to Texas once a year!

The HOARD has nearly taken over my home, but since it's just me, no one can complain. I've got three armoires full of primo tiny junk ready to go on etsy, as well as a basement, guest room, and shed full. Within a few years, I hope to become the inaugural featured seller on etsy's debut of the "Quit That Accursed Day Job Already" series. Until then, I list when I can.

By day, I am an art director for a newspaper, so have a particular affection for cameras and typewriters!

If you see me at a flea market, throw a vintage typewriter at me or something. But be forewarned: I have pointy elbows and will arm-wrestle you for that black Repogle globe.....
Sue, Junker Extraordinaire
owner, curator, Hunter Gatherer
There's nothing more thrilling than the hunt! I do everything for VRS, and have the tetanus shots and bruises to prove it. I have a personal Recommended Daily Allowance of rust and dust that is astoundingly high.
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