Vintage Fashion and Accessories From 1930s - 1970s

30's Dressing Gown
Utterly fantastic 50's Deadstock stiletto heels
50s Strapless Chiffon Party Dress
Two of the best models EVER!
Pretty much what a photo shoot is like, crazy, harried and not at all elegant!

Behind The Fashion - Vintique Vixen

I'm not sure when it all really started. I have a “normal” full time job with one of the largest corporations in the world, and I’ve been there for 20 years. But I've loved vintage, particularly fashion, for as long as I can remember. I started collecting vintage purses about 15 years ago. Then my husband's grandmother gave me her swim suit from the 1940's when I told her how much I loved "old" clothes. That suit started my clothing collection. My husband is a picker by trade, so I started going to estate sales and thrift shops with him. I was surprised when I found that I enjoyed picking, for the most part that is! Great finds are rare, but things started to snowball.

Around the same time, my sister-in-law Sara, who is also one of my very best friends, started poking around checking out vintage clothing on Ebay, and found some gals making serious money. We started dreaming. After all, I already had a small inventory from my collecting, which almost turned into a hoarding obsession, but that’s another story!

Vintique Vixen was born in 2007, and I give a nod of thanks to my clever hubby for the name. I started selling on Ebay; and Sara started up there too. We had big stars in our eyes and it really was so much fun! My husband had been doing it for years, so he was a huge help. I still found out it wasn't nearly as easy as it looked; it's really very hard work. And I learned...

I found Etsy in 2009, and it's been my only on line selling venue since. I love the community feel here, and the creativity too. There’s so much support in this great little place! The teams are fantastic, and sellers here are willing to share tips and ideas….not so much cut throat competition, you’re actually part of the process and feel connected to your fellow sellers. The culture here also makes for much more enjoyable purchasing experiences for buyers, who have shared that feedback with me.

I have so many great items, many that I cannot part with and you won’t ever see them in my shop. I’m passionate about the 40s particularly, but for the items I don’t keep, I LOVE sharing them with my customers. I really go gaga when a customer sends me a note telling me how much they love what they’ve bought, it’s exciting to share that vintage love and meet others who are just as crazy about this stuff as you are!

I’m not likely to ever make my fortune doing this, but I can say that when it comes to this shop, I do love what I do…it’s not about the money, it’s about being able to do something you have a passion for; the rest will fall into place.

Even though Sara and I aren’t in the same state, it’s fantastic to have someone to share the adventure with. We do get to visit and shop together periodically, and just had an opportunity to do a small photo shoot together recently, which was WAY fun! We talk almost every day; “Guess what I just found?” and “I love that new dress in your shop!” and “Yay, you sold that awesome pair of shoes today!” I highly recommend a buddy if you’re a seller! Someday, God willing, we will live in the same town and open a little shop together. But for now, Sara is blessed enough to have this as a full time gig, and she’s got some wonderful stuff, so please check out her shop too:

I hope that you find something you fall in love with in my store. And even if you aren’t going to buy said something, just enjoy poking around. I adore browsing other shops that have lots of great stuff to look at, just for the fun of it. Feel free to convo me anytime, for anything, even just to say hello. I’ve met so many great folks here on Etsy, it’s part of what makes all this so darn much fun ;o)

owner, designer, Stylist, Photographer (for better or worse!)
A 40'ish gal born and raised in Phoenix, my mom got me hooked on old stuff when I was little. Currently on a mission to acquire enough gauzy/peasant/mexican tops so that I can wear one every day if I so desire.