VioletKMartin's Shop Announcement

***UPDATE: I am afraid that between health problems on my part and the few orders I have waiting to be finished, I cannot in good conscience accept any more custom orders for the time being. I am very sorry and hope that with a small break for my health I can start doing them again with renewed vigor. Thank you for understanding.****

Lovingly hand crocheted and hand knit treasures for the entire family.

Welcome to my little shop! I am just getting off the ground and still have a few finished items that need to be listed and yet more still not yet off the hooks or needles. So, please, stop back by soon to see what I have that is new.
Also, please do message me if you have a request, suggestion or question. I am online at least once a day and will get back to you swiftly. I adore making custom items for people. It is actually the main reason that I created this shop. My hope is that through showing (eventually) an array of my skills and my style that I can do steady business doing custom work for people. After all, there are only so many baby and wedding showers in my family and my son only needs so many blankets, stuffed animals, sweaters, jackets and hats (especially seeing as I live in south Texas).

Now to the business:
SHIPPING: My shipping prices may seem high, but that is because I do not yet have a postal scale of my own, so I am using USPS' one rate box prices. This does not mean that I plan on sending things out in One Rate boxes. Because most, if not all, of my items are light and can be easily folded to a small size with no damage done, I will most often use bubble mailers, which for such light items are nearly always less expensive than the boxes. So, what ever you pay that is more than what my shipping cost is, as long at it is more than a dollar, goes right back to you. If, for some reason, you end up paying less for shipping than what I paid USPS, then that is my fault and I will not even think of asking you to refund me that difference. This really seems like the most fair way to do this until I get a scale and can print my own postage.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Right now I have my shop set to only accept PayPal as a form of payment, but I completely understand and sympathize with those not wishing to go through them. If you'd like to use a different form of payment simply message me and let me know ahead of time so that I can set up what needs to be set up, get an account with your preferred processor or give you an address for a money order.

RETURNS: All that I really ask when it comes to returns is that you keep the lines of communication open and be honest and open with me. I want you to be happy with the things that I make. If there is a problem, let me know about it and give me a chance to work with you on finding a solution that we can both be happy with before turning to filing a dispute or leaving negative feedback.
I will probably ask that you return the unsatisfactory item before I send or maybe even begin work on a new one to replace it. This is for both of our protection. But, like I said, I want to have happy customers, so just give me a chance and be honest about what you want, how you feel and what you think.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and please come back soon. I hope to have much, much more up and new and different items regularly.