A hobby became a passion... A passion became a dream... The dream became a reality

I started taking my mom's jewelry apart when I was about 9 years old, and I guess you could say I never stopped. She taught me to sew, to arrange flowers, to use a glue gun, and procured all sorts of materials to work with.... probably to keep me away from her jewelry box! Lanyard kits, scraps of left-over material, plastic beads and florist wire gave way over the years to gemstones, gold and silver chain, precious metal wires, quality vintage pieces and quilters cottons. Along the way, I made some pretty terrible creations, but I did learn what works and what doesn't. Suddenly, a style developed; simple, natural and vintage-esque.

People started asking me "Why don't you sell your jewelry/art/bags/crafts?" and I always answered the same way... "If I had more money, more time; I would."

And then I found Etsy!

In choosing a name for my new venture, I called on my two grandmothers for inspiration: Violet and Alice. One was a strong, mid-western housewife living in 1950's Los Angeles who loved afternoon coffee and pretty things; the other was an R.N. and a working mother who liked to entertain and to travel.

Today, Violets for Alice serves as an outlet for my creative side, providing a store front for creations that were previously available only to those who knew me best.

Hopefully you enjoy my items as much as I enjoy making them!
Danielle Memmott
owner, designer