VIREO scents of nature by knd- 100% natural perfumes

VireoPerfumes is taking a short break.

Hello fan of olfactory wonderments!
Thank you so much for stopping by being interested in all natural, creative and eco friendly perfumery. Unfortunately I will be closing the store for an unknown length of time.
I cherish your support and appreciate all the kind and descriptive feedback you left since I opened my store. If you have bought an item in the past and haven't left feedback I still encourage you to do so.
There is a incredible wide world of natural perfumery to be found here on Etsy. Be adventurous! Sample wide and far! Go where you've never gone before but buy again if it makes you happy. You deserve to be happy!
Thanks again!

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VireoPerfumes' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Vireo scents of nature where you will find 100% natural fragrances.
"Vireo" is the all natural fine fragrance line of musician and scent songbird Kaitlyn ni Donovan. She thoughtfully composes imaginative, artful perfumes and infusions from the most precious, rare, natural raw and ethically harvested materials her big nose can find. The perfumes run the gamut of being avant-garde to classic in their compositions, such as interpreting a Rothko painting through the scent and color of natural oils or recreating a Victorian era violet soliflore.

Please read on regarding an update on the store: Purchases will go out in to go out in 3-5 business days. I apologize that packaging takes me a bit longer due to the ongoing back problem. *Shipping in the US is $3.00 plus .50 per extra item

Below is an inventory of my limited perfumes as of December 19th 2012. The fragrances are presented in glass bottles with rollerball applicators filled with a bit over over 1/8 oz of the following:

COCO VIOLETTE spice, citrus, violet chord, cocoa = yum. $14.00
THE GIVING TREE mouth watering oranges, fir balsam, jasmine,vanilla. For wear, a few drops to room diffuser or add to distilled water in bottle mister. = happiness $11.00 1/8 oz bottle (Almost out)
HOLLYWOOD BABYLON snappy galbanum, citrus, & green notes settle quickly into spice, velvety florals, orris, organic carnation absolute, tonka, woods & amber accord. Powder & retro inspired. $15.00 You may enjoy HB if you like vintage Shalimar,Vol de Nuit, JIcky & Nuit de Noel.
100% "LAPSANG SOUCHONG" infused oil $11.00 1/8 oz amber bottle (Almost out)
NEROLA VERDE Verdant, floral & extravagantly dosed w/ 3 gorgeous Orange Blossoms and coffee flower. $14.00
ORPHEUM A bold unisex citrus chypre with herbs, florals woods and strong elements of a rocky beach & rain soaked moss. Low in atranol oakmoss & seaweed included. Not for the citrus nor oakmoss faint of heart! $13.00

ASHES OF ROSES smoke, roses, balsams and woods. $14.00 (SOLD OUT)
A KISS FROM AN OLD FLAME a sexy sweet ylang, jasmine affair w/ tree resin & exotic citruses. (SOLD OUT). lighter version) $11.00
100% "MADAGASCAR & TAHITIAN VANILLA" infused oil $11.00 1/8 oz amber bottle (SOLD OUT)
SMOKE FOLLOWS BEAUTY campfires,Smores,woods. $14.00 (SOLD OUT)
VICTORIAN VIOLET A recipe from an old text with a few slight accents I threw in. A delicate soft orris laden violet soliflore $13.00 (SOLD OUT)

Over the time my shop has been closed I have kept my perfumes infusing, unfiltered in the bottles I composed them in. The perfumes have richened and subtly changed in scent. You may notice a change in the odor of the perfumes if you have purchased them before. Please allow time for the perfumes to express the themselves on the skin before judging it's character. If you are unhappy with your purchase in anyway please convo me and I will be happy to refund or exchange. Returning the product is appreciated though I cannot pay for return shipping.

Vireo perfumes are 100% natural and there are no chemicals. I use fractionated coconut oil with vitamin e as my carrier base. I produce all my perfumes in less than two ounce amounts as the botanicals I often compose with are incredibly expensive. Some batches of perfumes will smell different because of growing seasons, methods of extractions and that some botanicals are rare and difficult to find. I use organic materials when available and am committed to purchasing oils such as sandalwood from areas ethically harvested and devoted to reforestation.
I sincerely thank you for stopping by and the many who have lent their kind words and support.

Please read on for past info about Vireo Perfumes.

"Vireo" is the botanical based fine fragrance line of musician and scent songbird Kaitlyn ni Donovan. She thoughtfully composes imaginative, artful perfumes and infusions from the most precious, rare, natural raw and ethically harvested materials her big Roman nose can find.

Kait says:
“I aim to create a unique, scent song heard just for two. Many synthetic perfumes just screech an invasive odor that clings to everything in a room.
Botanicals have life, depth, and expression that those many headache inducing, linear wearing and polluting synthetic perfumes lack.
There is a wonderful world of natural perfumery here on Etsy and elsewhere to be discovered. Our shopping choices can help keep harmful synthetics from poisoning ourselves and the planet. I encourage folks to give the gift of an all natural product as reconnecting with nature is always a good thing."

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