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One of my favorite chandeliers, that is 24 arms and 36" in diameter.
Custom Order of an LED accent lamp.
Acrylic Cup Chandelier with chandelier earrings.
Captain Morgan's Table Lamp.

Where Lighting meets my Imagination.

I made my first lamp using a 3 liter Luna de Luna bottle. The wine was enjoyed by my family at a beach reunion. It was such a great experience,it seemed a shame to throw away the bottle,so I decided to make a lamp out of it to commemorate the experience. I’ve always been a very artistic person,and fascinated with illumination. My background and education is in theatrical stage lighting,and my passion for illuminated art helped me win Apollo Technologies Creative Use Award in 2007. From there it has been an exciting journey finding more items to illuminate as well as more places to brighten.
Tuesday Curran Southwick
owner, designer, Captian Couturier of Luminosity

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