VolundsForgeStudios' Shop Announcement

I'm an independent artist working and living in the Sierra's just South of Yosemite national park. While my formal education was focused on English I made a habit of taking several art classes while obtaining by Bachelor's Degree. From an early age I have always been drawn to making and creating things.
My dad is fond of saying, "that kid could make anything from nothing."
With that in my heart I'm embarking on the bravest of endeavors and will attempt to earn a living by making art from nothing.
The name Volund is taken from Norse Mythology. He was a silver smith know for producing wondrous works coveted by kings. One king, Nidud, coveted the treasures wrought by Volund so much that he had him captured, crippled, and held captive on an island. On the island, no longer able to walk, he was forced to create his works of beauty for Nidud alone. Volund secretly forged a pair of silver wings for himself that he used to escape and avenge himself.
I've always loved that Volund used his art and skill to gain his freedom and every time I make something I think of it as silver feather added to my wings and feel just a little freer.