Welcome to word+design. Thanks for visiting!

So what's the story?

It started when I grew tired of giving the same ol' gifts for birthdays, weddings, etc. Since I was working as a graphic designer, I thought why not use those skills to make personalized gifts. As I would pray for the “person of honor,” God would put a certain theme, scripture or vision on my heart for them. The designs on this site make up the collection of those gifts over the years (with the addition of a few pieces which embody aspects of my own relationship with God.)

So why the name word+design??

At the heart of all of these designs is the love of God and His purposes for us expressed through His WORD. He’s created us with a desire for beauty and a capacity for love that can only be fulfilled by Him. The moments that make us laugh hysterically, cry uncontrollably or catch our breath in awe…are all by His DESIGN.

My prayer is that this body of work would reveal even a glimpse of:

+ The amazing promises FROM God to us in His Word

+ The invitation He extends to us: that we would experience those promises THROUGH a relationship with Jesus Christ

+ The opportunity to offer our lives in gratitude FOR all that He's done and FOR His glory

That's it, really. Hope you enjoy them!

With much thanks and love,
Brianna Johnson
owner, designer