WaitAWhile25's Shop Announcement

Beautiful and affordable designer jewelry .

Welcome to Wait-A-While 25,where you will discover a unique selection of beautiful natural gemstone, crystal and sterling and fine silver jewellery, designed and created by me.

Have a look at my extreme sport/surf style unisex jewelry, unique in design, beautiful and hard wearing.
Perfect extreme sports jewelry, water loving, everlasting, comfortable to wear!

I have designed a range of earrings for the Gal who wants good quality beautiful earrings, and is on a budget. I combine sterling silver and fine silver components and beads, with natural gemstone, crystal, coral and other natural earth elements, to create beautiful earrings .

Other enticing jewelry to lookout for in the near future..

Blushing brides section, for all bridal jewelry, including flower girls.

I hope your visit to Wait-A-While 25 will keep you captivated, and be pleasurably addictive.

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A short history of Wait-A-While...
**Wait-a-While also known as Lawyer Cane: Calamus muelleri**
Wait-a-while (Calamus Muelleri) vine grows in areas of disturbance in tropical rainforests.
Clumps are formed from a gathering of a few stems which develop in chaotic tangles of twenty to one hundred metre long canes.
When the spikes are stripped away to smooth cane, Wait-a-while can be used for weaving, tying and construction purposes.
The growing end of the vines has chestnut spines that also occur on the leaf internodes (areas between leaf structures).
The stems have compound leaves which also have prickles that protrude vertically on the leaf edges and stalk.
Opposite each leaf there is a stiff leafless stem of one to two metres in length with backward facing hooks which allow the plant to be a successful canopy climber.

*These hooked stems are known to catch on to people's clothing, when walking through the rain forest. The only way to disentangle oneself, is to 'wait a while' before unhooking the barbed stems, therefore giving it the common name - Wait-a-While.