WalkingWithWood's Shop Announcement

Hello and Welcome, I'm glad you have taken an interest in my work! This one of my life long passions. I take great care in making each one of my pieces, and enjoy every single moment of it!

WalkingWithWood's Shop Policies


Though I am a woodworker, I am also a strong advocate of sustainable forests and oppose deforestation. God's creation is wonderful and I try to do my part to be a good steward in this home we share.

Although I use some of the world's rarest, endangered woods, deforestation does not occur because there is a high demand for lumber, but rather demand for land to cultivate crops. Demand for exotic woods adds value to rainforests and promotes sustainability and controlled tree harvesting. When the rainforest becomes more valuable as a forest, it will not be clear cut for crops.

It seems to be backwards logic, but when people like me demand exotic woods, it helps to prevent destructive deforestation and promotes sustainable harvesting and rainforest preservation.


My payment policy is to be as flexible as possible.

For example, If you have trouble using the online payment process, It is fine to take a few days and figure it out. Or if you buy something from my shop and realize you cannot pay for it until the end of the week, that is fine by me.

I sell canes and walking sticks because I love making them! and if I didn't sell them... I would have way too many of them!


I typically use the United States Postal Service priority mail, or first class parcel shipping options. These shipping methods are safe, secure, and also inexpensive.

If you have specific shipping requirements you will need to communicate them with me.

I do not ship anything until I receive full payment.

Refunds and Exchanges

I don't want you to be skeptical about buying one of my canes because you're uncertain it's going to be comfortable for you. That is why I have a return policy on all of my canes and walking sticks. Canes and walking sticks are a highly personal item. Sometimes a cane is a perfect fit for one's hand and stature; other times, it just doesn't feel right after you try it out.

Within 7 days of receiving your new cane, you can return it to me for a full refund.

Here's how it works:

1. A refund is not allowed if you return a broken or damaged cane. However,
I EXPECT you to walk with it to try it out, otherwise how would you know it is comfortable? Therefore, I am flexible.

2. You will be refunded the purchase price of the piece after I receive the return.

3. If the cane isn't a comfortable fit for you and you need to return it, you will need to pay return shipping. Keep the box it came in if you're not sure it is a good fit, it will save you the trouble of getting a new box.

4. Refund and return policy is only valid for 7 days after receiving it.

5. Shop with confidence that all my handmade products are new, unused, and comfortable. If a cane is returned to me, I will not re-sell it.

6. Please be open and communicate with me. I am doing this to make sure your happy with your new cane or walking stick! I don't want you to walk around with something that isn't perfect for you.

My Refund Policy is for walking sticks and canes only, other items sold at Turquoise Terrapin are excluded from these terms.

Additional Policies and FAQs

All of my canes and walking sticks are fully functional. I test them myself to make sure they are sturdy and comfortable. Shop with complete confidence at "Walking with Wood"

Last Updated July 9, 2014