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Geoff in the shop. Photo credit:
Leather embossing stamps. Photo credit: Dag Nguyen
Leather embossing stamp. Photo credit:
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Handtooling modern and unique leather designs to provide solutions to everyday problems

Hi, I'm Geoffrey Franklin. I'm an 8th generation Oregonian, born and raised in Beaverton and Weston, Oregon. I graduated from the University of Oregon Architecture School.

I run Walnut Studiolo with my wife, Valerie. I design and craft all the products in my workshop, and Valerie runs the business side.

I started Walnut Studiolo in October 2009 because I wanted leather accessories for my bikes (a custom Renovo original wood frame: and my dad's old Bianchi that went on the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) that I had powder-coated in classic cream and brown) but I couldn't find anything like I wanted. So I decided to make my own, and Valerie decided to post them on Etsy to see what would happen.

Now, Walnut Studiolo supports us both full-time, and in August 2013 we hired our first Leather Craftsperson, Matt.

Please watch a short video about our handmade process here:

Bicycle accessories are my core focus but I love good design, as an architecture student, and I loved learning how to work leather as a medium. Eventually I also started enjoying the juxtaposition of leather and wood. In these products, I'm expressing my love for good design, architectural concepts, and natural materials in products that I would want to use myself...and I do use myself. I field-test all my products until I'm comfortable with them before listing them on our shop.

My goal is to make high-quality, beautiful, durable, and most of all functional solutions to everyday problems. Thank you for buying small and handmade. I put my heart in everything I make.

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My other venture: Originally trained as an architect, I also practice architecture with my partner, Doug Ouderkirk. Check out our work at

WALNUT is a registered trademark.

Etsy compliance disclosure: Our personal accounts on Etsy are franklindesign and vschaferfranklin.
Geoffrey and Valerie Franklin
Geoffrey and Valerie Franklin are the husband-and-wife team that make up the owners of Walnut Studiolo. Geoff has a background in architecture and Valerie has a background in business project management.
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