WanagiEssence's Shop Announcement

Wanagi Essence- pronounced "Wah Nah Ghee" is a Native American term for SPIRIT.

This shop contains handmade jewelry pieces either worn on the body, hair or even to hang on the wall or in the garden.

i want to use my jewelry to spread the knowledge that each of you has a guiding spirit within. Through the use of Crystal Healing you can pick a certain stone that represents which healing aspect pertains to yourself. Either a strength you need, an aspect of your already known self, or a essence you want to bring to someone else, your living environment or even garden area.

Most of my pieces are custom made, so if you see an item you like its usually shown there as a guideline of what the form will look like. i can either create one as is or you can give me aspects youd like to incorporate so that i can choose which stones will bring about those. you can tell me which colors, stones, or feathers that attract you so i can personalize your item. Explaining if you have issues in areas of life such as stress, trauma, love and relationship, meditation, focus, etc. will be great indicators to which stones or pieces you need.