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WANNAWEAR by Tina O is now on ESTY.

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WANNAWEAR by Tina O Boutique

Please dial 310 612 6733 for an appointment.
Appointments can be made from 1PM to 7PM

Etsy represents all those that enlist their hearts,hands and the most powerful of all tools
of all your imagination.
WANNAWEAR takes the time to make something special
beautiful, unique & timeless
And it's just for you.
WANNAWEAR is fashion made with care.

"Let's Get Dressed"
Tina O

PRESS RELEASE: May 1st 2012

Beverly Hills is where the pages of Vogue, Elle and your imagination come to life. In the know fashionistas from all over the world find the latest couture, begin the newest trends and reinvent style all on their own. From the best-known names, to one-of-a-kind local boutiques Beverly Hills now has an original that originated right in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive.

WANNAWEARr by Tina O. Classic women's dresses, resurrected, modernized and a fit,just for you.
Custom made to order dresses starting at 200.00

WANNAWEAR(r)by Tina O started out with a desire of reinvention of and interior designer from home town Minneapolis Minnesota to Beverly Hills, living on Rodeo Drive and the recession effecting every one's shopping habits. Being an avid collector of couture, she realized the lack of classic silhouettes, as good as they were from yesteryear as well as the present that most women could afford that fit and draped in finer fabrics.

Tina's husband had over heard Tina's "idea of starting a company" but, like Ricky and Lucy, he just thought it was another one of Tina's adventures. So, Tina decided to have a cocktail party with an intentional guest list of sizes 4 to 10. When all of her guests arrived, an hour earlier than her husband. Dr. Brad Hillstrom, Tina had all the ladies change into her new frocks.

The girls all squealed with delight and the husbands or boyfriends of the ladies thanked Tina later, (and ordered some dresses after dessert) and the evening was foiling into a fashion fanatasy.

In the mean time, Dr. Brad came thru the front door, greeted by all the guests, while Tina sauntered up to Dr. Brad & asked him sweetly, "Dear, how was your day at the office"? as she handed him his drink of choice, and a big smile. He replied, Fine", with a crooked eyebrow, taking particular notice at how especially lovely the women looked. All of them.

As a matter a fact, he stated in a gaze of fascination,how especially sophisticated and fetching the women all looked.

Well, the room burst out in laughter, and Tina piped up " darling, this is my new clothing line".......... That was the approval Tina was looking for to launch of WANNAWEAR by Tina O. WANNAWEARr by Tina O.

WANNAWEAR, specializes in the art of the dress. With her signature series, Get Up & Go Dresses, there is no end to doing nothing more simple, than throwing on a dress, shoes & your handbag, to look complete with simplicity. Effortlessly Smart.

WANNAWEARr by Tina O is 2 years in the making. From her town house on So.Rodeo Drive, to her home that was once the honey moon cottage of Gene Teirney's and fashion designer Oleg Cassini, to opening her new store in the historical Golden Triangle Building,

WANNAWEAR (r) by Tina O is moving on up!



Beverly Hills,Ca 90210

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Tina Hillstrom
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