WarlopsWoolies' Shop Announcement

Warlop's Woolies are handmade with 100% wool. The core is made with recycled wool sweaters and secured with wool yarn, then wrapped in wool roving and needle felted. All Woolies are triple felted to hold up over time.

Warlop's Woolies can be used as dryer balls, decorations, toys, ornaments and more. Give them as a gift, personalize them and love them!

Dryer Balls: Warlop's Woolies are a great replacement for dryer sheets and are safe for baby too. They bounce around your dryer separating clothes allowing the air to circulate better, which means faster drying time. Also, the natural fibers from the wool help to soften your laundry without leaving chemicals behind. Three is recommended to see a decrease in drying time however the more you use the greater results you will see.

Decorations: Woolies look great sitting in a bowl on your table or wherever y...
ou please. They can be designed to fit your home decor or be added to a collection. You can put pumpkins out for the fall, then put them in the dryer for safe keeping and fluffiness until next fall.

Toys: A small jingle bell can be added to the core of Warlop's Woolies making a ball that is both fun and safe for children. Plus it will not break your window!

Ornaments: Your Woolie can be created with a string to hang them from your tree. Store them to use for next year or cut off the string and throw them in your dryer.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.